Friday, June 30, 2006

And fun was had by all

We had a little gathering in our backyard before everyone went home. We wanted to try out our newly installed dutch oven pit and relax and talk and play games while the kids were *somewhat* occupied.

Mimi and Princess C pose while roasting marshmallows for s'mores. I saw some perfectly roasted 'mallows that night!

Here big D gets the food ready to serve. We had BBQ (boneless) Pork Ribs, salad, Roasted Herbed Potaoes, and a Chocolate Lover's Cake for dessert.

Sweetsa occupies herself while everyone else is eating and visiting. She loved crawling around from person to person, getting loves and hugs from all.

The best thing about the Reception

We loved all the help we got both setting up and cleaning up for the fun little shin-dig on the 20th.

Sweet Cinder-Aun...uh and Snow White Mimi!

The girls did all the clean-up! o) And they kept their dresses so nice and clean while doing it!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Look out World!

Tonight Mimi asked if they could ride their bikes after dinner. I thought it had cooled down enough that I could sit out there with Sweetsa and not fry, or get sunburned. After they finished dinner Buddy and Mimi ran out and got their bikes and helmets. By the time I had gathered a few toys and a blanket for Sweetsa Pizza, much to my surprise (and chagrin), Mimi had removed her training wheels from the bike!!

Mimi had mentioned earlier in the day that she wanted to learn to ride her bike without the training wheels. At the time, I thought, "Not something I really want to tackle right now!" But I didn't tell her to forget it, I just thought she would forget about it.

Anyway, so we talked a little about the things she needed to do...keep pedaling, sit up straight, watch where she's going, etc. And then she started practicing.
I hate to admit that when she talked about learning to ride sans training wheels, I thought, "Maybe in a few years, she's too young right now." I never thought she'd be able to do it, especially not in one evening!

She absolutely amazes me! It didn't even take her an hour to learn how to ride the bike without training wheels! Every time she would fall, she would say, "I'm going to learn how to do this, I just have to keep trying!" and "I'm not going to stop until I can do this!"

So I'm giving the world fair notice now: this is one determined person who can really do anything she sets her mind to! Watch out Adam, you might just find yourself married to a ballet-teaching doctor!

3-year-old Standards

As Buddy and I were cuddling today, I gained new insight into a three-year-old's mind.
Out of the blue he said "EW! Yucky!" I thought he saw something on Zooboomafoo (Sp?) that he thought was gross. Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention, because he said it again, "Mommy, EW! Yucky!" So I looked down at him, and he had this massive wet booger on his finger. And here is the insight...I have been asking him what seems like endlessly to not pick his nose and eat the results. I'd like to think he's finally listening, but I really think he has standards for what is edible and what is definitely not: dry and crusty ok, wet and slimey, gross!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Big Three Year Old!

I can hardly believe that it's been three years since Buddy entered the world so precipitously! Everything has been a rush with him: from 52 minutes of labor, waiting for the doctor, pushing, and delivery; to pulling up at six months and walking at nine. Since then the years have literally flown!

It wasn't long from those first free steps to climbing the walls...well ok, the bookcases, and the stove, and the fridge, and basically anything else that looks like it might possibly get him to his ultimate goal of the moment.

Buddy, you are such a big boy now!! Look at you pushing Sweetsa on the swing! You love your sisters so much, frequently melting my heart when you tell me they are your best friends.

You are so adventurous and full of energy! You love to be moving and singing. Since you began to talk, one of your favorite things to do as we drive around doing errands is to seranade us, usually with renditions of "Bob the Builder", but you are also heard to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and your "ABCs"

You love trucks and cars, balls and bats, and dirt and are such a boy! But you are also so sweet...telling me and your sisters as well as your Dad "I love you_____!" multiple times a day.

Whenever Daddy gets out his tools, you are right there, either trying to use his tools or getting your own, and helping Dad fix things. I love to see how much you want to be like him! It truly warms my heart.

I love you my boy! Yes, I get exasperated with your exploits and energy sometimes, but I will love you forever and always, my sweet Buddy Boy! Happy third Birthday, bud!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

No cause for alarm

Recently, I have been regretting using our real names on the blog. I know that you can unknowingly give away too much info and that can be a bit dangerous, security-wise. I have a large pool of nick-names to draw from (at least in the case of my children), but I just didn't use them. After some consideration, I've decided to start using pseudonyms, at least in the case of my children: Mimi, Buddy, and Sweetsa-pizza. I'm stil trying to come up with some for me and the hubby. So here is an open call for suggestions.