Monday, December 31, 2007

Beginning Astronomers?

Many of you probably heard the devastating astronomical news this past summer that Pluto has been demoted and is no longer deemed a planet in our Solar System. That's right only eight Planets now claim Sol as home system, but never children have come up with names for any newly discovered planets...full-size or dwarf.

We've been talking about the planets recently. As we were driving the other day, Mimi was trying to name the planets from closest to the Sun to furthest away. She got about half way, and then asked, "Where's Uterus?"

After having her repeat the question, D and I had to wait several minutes before we could answer/ask her to clarify without cracking up... After thinking about it, I realized she just squished a bunch of the planet names together into a word that she recognized (she knows where the baby is growing). But it was so funny to hear that question! Especially since the day before when Buddy and I were talking about the names of the planets he said (pointing to a picture of Neptune) "What comes after Urine?"

I don't know that astronomers will use the names my children have chosen, even for dwarf planets, but that's ok!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Some recent Buddy-isms

As we were on our way to pick up Mimi from school the other day, I couldn't take my headache any longer and exclaimed, "My head is going to explode!" Within seconds of me saying that, I heard from the back of the van, "Yeah and my head's gonna shoot lava!" Although my headache didn't go away, it sure felt good to giggle at that! And every time I think of his little four-year-old voice gone gravel-y and serious as he said it, I just giggle again!

As I was tucking Buddy into bed tonight he said something like this: "I've had this blanket a long time. I've had this blanket for forty years, just like the Israelites!" Huh? "The Israelites were in the desert for forty years and that's how long I've had this blanket."

Buddy has invented what he calls his "Big Boy Sandwich". On our way home this evening he told me he wanted his Big Boy sandwich for dinner. D has never heard of/seen this sandwich before, so I asked Buddy to tell Daddy about it. Buddy's response: "First you have a piece of bread, then you put a bunch of burritos on it and then a piece of ham and then another bread on top!" D and I started laughing at the image of a bunch of burritos on the sandwich. (Please note: The second ingredient in the Big Boy Sandwich is actually Doritos, NOT Burritos!)