Monday, March 08, 2010

Sledding Fun

Santa left a sled under (really next to) our tree this year. The kids were chomping at the bit to get out there on the hills . We went to a nearby park, and they had a blast. Peaches always got to ride up the hill in the sled..lucky girl!Mimi and Buddy were such good sports to pull her up so often. Sweetsa got to ride occasionally too. Not surprisingly, Buddy was the most adventurous, wanting to go off the jumps and start from back in the woods, etc.
They all took turns very nicely, going down singly (not Peaches) in pairs, threes, and all four of them together. We almost had the hill to ourselves, as there was one other family out there at the time. It was snowing, and so quiet, except for the shouts of joy as they flew down the hill. It was really a beautiful time.

A couple days later we went back with Daddy, and once again, they had a great time. They loved sledding with Dad, and ON Dad too! Unfortunately, the hill was way more crowded and didn't have as much snow the second time ...but we still had fun. Except for Peaches who slept through the whole outing in the stroller!