Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Big Three Year Old!

I can hardly believe that it's been three years since Buddy entered the world so precipitously! Everything has been a rush with him: from 52 minutes of labor, waiting for the doctor, pushing, and delivery; to pulling up at six months and walking at nine. Since then the years have literally flown!

It wasn't long from those first free steps to climbing the walls...well ok, the bookcases, and the stove, and the fridge, and basically anything else that looks like it might possibly get him to his ultimate goal of the moment.

Buddy, you are such a big boy now!! Look at you pushing Sweetsa on the swing! You love your sisters so much, frequently melting my heart when you tell me they are your best friends.

You are so adventurous and full of energy! You love to be moving and singing. Since you began to talk, one of your favorite things to do as we drive around doing errands is to seranade us, usually with renditions of "Bob the Builder", but you are also heard to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and your "ABCs"

You love trucks and cars, balls and bats, and dirt and are such a boy! But you are also so sweet...telling me and your sisters as well as your Dad "I love you_____!" multiple times a day.

Whenever Daddy gets out his tools, you are right there, either trying to use his tools or getting your own, and helping Dad fix things. I love to see how much you want to be like him! It truly warms my heart.

I love you my boy! Yes, I get exasperated with your exploits and energy sometimes, but I will love you forever and always, my sweet Buddy Boy! Happy third Birthday, bud!


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