Tuesday, June 02, 2009

He's our buddy!

Buddy is six! I can hardly believe it, and he actually has a hard time remembering...every time he's been asked how old he is he has replied "five!"Here are some pics of his this past week. It's been a very busy week, with school ending, and our regular weekend busy-ness!
This is his favorite toy for his birthday: a Bakugan Ball/brawler (I'm still not clear on the name.) The legos are also a favorite and have provided literally hours of entertainment so far.

Here he is being silly with a dried apple slice at Mimi's game on Saturday (she plays coach pitch softball.)

I love this action shot on the slip n slide!

He received the "Super-Sounder-Outer" Award at his Kindergarten Celebration last week. He is standing next to his teacher, Mrs. Billabong, who said he is a whiz at sounding out unfamiliar words as he reads.

And finally here he is nest to the teacher's aid, Miss Babydoll. He has told me several times in the past few days (since school got out) how much he misses Mrs. Billabong and Miss Babydoll. He loved kindergarten but is really excited to be a first grader.

Buddy is such a treat to be around! He is so enthusiastic about almost everything. I say almost everything because it is hard to get him enthused about cleaning his room! But he loves to help others...he rushed the other morning to make my bed before I could! He loved telling me that he had made it all by himself. He loves to surprise people with service and good choices that way!

Buddy loves all things active and electronic. We love that he loves to be active, but are not so enthused about the electronic craze, so we've decided to try to keep him unplugged for as long as possible (Yup, we are MEAN parents!)SO to keep him busy he's taken gymnastics twice, soccer, swimming and now t-ball. He also loves to ride his bike and help outside with the yard and garden! Sometimes his exuberance carries him a bit too far and he starts wrestling/fighting at inappropriate times (not that there are appropriate times for fighting!) We are working with him on this, and he is getting better, but there is still room for improvement!

Buddy is our early riser and he's so happy every morning...It is (usually) a joy to see him in the morning (depending on how late I went to bed and how early he wakes up! LOL!) He loves to cuddle for a little while and then he's ready to start his day. He is special guy and we are so happy to have him in our family. Happy Birthday Bud! We love you!