Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A summer of fun

We had a very fun-filled summer this year. We spent some time at the Children's Museum of Utah and had a blast with the Conn Hens. J and M also came to visit for a little while. Thanks for a fun summer everyone! I just found these pics in a file I haven't seen before. Enjoy the pics!

Here Sweetsa and Caleb yak it up at the Children's Museum.

Mimi and Breezy harvest apples for the apple pie they're making in the Bakery at the museum.

Buddy flaps furiously to keep away from predators.

At the store, Buddy is ready to pay for his groceries, Breezy is the cashier!

Uncle J relaxing at the Patrick Day Spa.

In our home theater, Uncle J plays Snow White and Buddy is the Prince...the kiss of life!

Am I raising Monsters?!

Believe it or not, that thought has gone through my mind more than once in recent days. Mostly in regards to Mimi and Buddy. It seems that not matter how often we talk about how important it is to be kind, to listen and obey, and to help each other, they are constantly at each others' throats/rolling around fighting/pulling hair/biting/hitting. You name it we have seen it in the past few weeks. Even though every day in their prayers they ask for help to be kind and obedient, their physical attacks on each other (or us) have been worse than ever before. And Buddy doesn't limit his attacks to just Mimi, Sweetsa also gets her share of obviously unprovoked violence.

When I asked Mimi why she has recently been hitting and scratching me, she replied, "It's because of my giant temper!" We then had a talk about how she is in control of her actions, her "temper" does not control her. We then talked about how she would begin to lose priviledges if she continued her outbursts. And I have to admit things have been a bit better since... at least between the two of us.

This morning after a series of atrocious behavior, I let Mimi and Buddy know that we would send all the expected friends home if there was one more incident between the two of them (I was trying to get ready for our neighborhood Mommies' Group to be at our house for lunch). Things went much better after that, but I was really wondering what to do with my violent and disobedient kids. What can I do differently to help them understand that these behaviors are NOT acceptable?!

And then after everyone else left and we got everything cleaned up, I put Sweetsa down for a nap. As I returned to the living room, Buddy went up to Mimi, gave her a HUGE hug and said, "I'm sorry I was mean to you. I love you. Do you want me to get Princesses for you?" referring to the Princess gallery on PlayhouseDisney. With his sweet little lisp and ernest face, he was unresistable. Mimi promptly forgave him and then apologized to Buddy. They proceeded to take turns so nicely, it truely melted my heart!

So I guess they aren't monsters, just kids. But I wish I could see more of the hugging and less of the hitting.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!

Abraham Tannin (don't quote me on the spelling!) was born at 2:12am Sunday, August 20.
He weighs in at a petit 7 # 0.5 oz, and is 20 inches long. Mom Sarah and baby Abe are healthy and happy and resting! Congrats Gertrude and Traves-T!

Way Up in the Sky...

I was going through some pics today and found some wee inhabitants of our nest!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Recent Party

Here are few pics I took at the reception. I didn't get any at the temple (I forgot the camera- GASP!)

Here's the cute and happy Lion couple, with the cub who wasn't so happy.

Mr. Lion and Mrs. Lioness in a feeding frenzy?!

Hey! Daddy-A is watching and so is SPH-2!

Here's the cute cub looking a bit bewildered. In the background , notice the lovely picture display arranged so artfully and lovingly by a few lion sisters (you know who you are!)

And here Lioness bids a fond farewell!

While I didn't get a lot of pics, I had a great time helping two wonderful people celebrate the beginning of a new life together. I am so happy and proud that they chose to do it in the right way and in the right place. I hope that we can all remember the words of the sealer (anyone catch his name?) -- be true to each other and be true to the Lord...and we'll all be together forever! I can't think of a happier beginning! Way to go Lionesss and Semaj! We love you guys!

And she's off!

Sweetsa's walking...when she wants to, which is
NOT when I'm trying to have her show off. So
here is a pic so ya'll'll believe me when I say she
really is walking, really!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


"How many times have I tried to turn this truck around? (beep! beep! beep!)..."

So I haven't actually been released yet, but fully expect to be released tomorrow. Last week the Bishop showed up on our front porch, dressed in shirt and tie (here's where the music goes dum, dum, dum!) After talking about the air conditioner for a minute, he stated that he'd better get to the point of the visit.

At this point I have to admit that the thought crossed my mind that I might be getting a new calling,but never in my wildest dreams or nightmares did I suspect what was coming!

He then preceded to extend the calling of Relief Society President! LOL! Just seeing that in writing makes me laugh and shake my head in disbelief! Long Story short, I said yes, he was relieved and shortly left.

I don't know that I've been able to sleep since that night! (Of course, Sweetsa plays a large roll in that too) I can't seem to stop my mind from going over all sorts of things in my head. I have to admit that some of the time those thoughts are how there is no way I'll be able to do this...including the famous line "I'm too little!"

Anyway, it all seems so surreal! Especially since last week our Primary Pres got called to be in the Stake Primary Presidency, and now everyone keeps "confiding" that they are just sure I will be called as the Ward Primary President...won't they be surprised!

The other thing that makes this so surreal is that my dear sweet amazing Mother just got called to be RS Pres in her ward 2 months ago. So sometimes I think to myself, "No, she's the RS pres not me...oh! wait a minute...!"

So that's probably a bit more insight into how I've been thinking recently than anyone in their right mind wanted to know, but that's what's been occupying my mind for the past little while!

Tree Trouble

About a year ago, while we were enjoying ourselves at a campout at Theater in the Pines, a microburst hit the area and we lost a large limb from our willow in the back. It actually stayed suspended in the tree, but was hanging over utility lines (and the area the kids usually play in). So we had the power company come out and take care of it. I can still feel the ground/house shaking as another piece of the limb fell from the tree. In this pic you can see the hole that was left in the top of the tree by the loss of that limb.
Now we are having problems with our huge Horse Chestnut tree in the front. About a month ago, we started noticing some very large wasp-looking creatures hanging around that tree. When I got a good look at them I realized, from what I remembered from my entomolgy class, that they were Ichneumons and we had a problem...namely an infestation. It was also at about this time that we noticed that one or several woodpeckers have had a heyday on the tree. Both the birds and the Ichneumons feed on the larval stage of other insects. So we have "bugs" in the tree. I called the city to see if they would come out and take a look and was put on a list. Apparently they have had a lot of similar requests recently.
When I called back last week to see where we stood on the list I was told they would get to my house this week. (This is were the music goes, dum, dum, dum!)

Then on Tuesday we had a massive storm hit us and do major damage all over the place. It was very sobering to see all the trees down, buildings ruined, and general mess from a 12-minute storm!

I guess my tree isn't so very important! I'm just glad that, despite the destruction, there were no injuries or fatalities! What a miracle!