Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sweet Peaches is two (and then some!)

I know I am so behind, but I thought I'd post some pics and some words on our little two year old, Peaches.

She can be such a sweet sweet girl. She loves to gives hugs and feels lost without her siblings. Every morning after we drop them off at school, when we're not even a block from the school, Peaches says," Mimi? Buddy?" And then she makes that wondering sound, like Where did they go?! but without actually saying anything. Everyday we reassure her that they are at school and will be home later. And when they do get home she yells, "BUDDY! MIMI!" and gives them huge hugs.

She has really started talking quite a bit more in the past few months. She's putting together several words to get her point across. Strangely enough she's really good at telling people what to do, and when. Yup, she's pretty bossy, always telling people "Keem up guys!" pause "Now!" It's really funny when she adds that now on, like she really means business. But she can be so polite also. She says "sank you" "pease" and even remembers to say "welcome" after someone thanks her. It melted my heart when I finished her ester dress and she got so excited, touching it again and again, saying, "Mine, mine! Sank you Mommy! Sanks!" But the cutest thing is after she burps, she always says,"Say...SCUSE ME!" often at the top of her lungs. (and yes, she does say "say" first.)

Peaches LOVES dogs. I think she came loving that species! (She certainly didn't get it from me, that's for sure!) Charlie is her favorite, but she also loves Toby (who looks like Charlie's younger brother) and she is fascinated by the dogs next door. I say fascinated because they are bigger, so she won't go near them, but if she hears them, she will sit in the window, trying to see them and talk to them. She will also act like a dog...a lot. I have to limit the licking because it can get pretty gross! Everyday, she spends time crawling around like a dog, barking, yipping, licking, and playing.

Peaches loves to bust a move, cut a rug and just get down when she hears music. Here she's dancing with Mimi last July at our block party.

Peaches is currently experimenting with potty-training. It is something I am not planning to push her on. She enjoys stripping down, scaling the toilet, and doing her business in the pot at least a couple times a day. She doesn't generally initiate it herself though, so I'm not convinced she's ready. I also don't think she'll push it off until she's four like some others I could think of!

Peaches LOVEs to make animal sounds. Here's another talent she is working on:

Unfortunately for us, Peaches thinks it is her duty as a two year old to throw tantrums (the other kids liked three better as a tantrum age.) Ugh. Several times a day she is screaming bloody murder. So if you hear a little girl screaming her head off...she's just been denied the wish of her heart (of the moment) and is letting the world know. I've discovered it is harder to reason with a two year old than with a three year old. I generally try to keep myself calm, tell her that screaming isn't going to get her what she wants, and ignore it. But I have to admit that sometimes the reason she is tantruming is not the reason I think she is throwing a fit. Today for example, I thought she was upset that I had made her come inside. After letting her scream on the floor for a while, I picked her up and asked her why she was sad. She told me "Bonk!" pointing to her head. So apparently she hurt her head, but instead of telling me like she usually does, she threw a tantrum. If anyone has any good suggestions on successfully discouraging two-year-old tantrums, we'd love to hear them.

Our sweet Peaches is experimenting with fashion and dressing herself. She will pick her own clothes upon occasion (emptying her drawers in the process), and always tries to get her pants and shirt on by herself. When I offer to help she always replies, "Self mommy. Self."

Peaches we love you. We are so happy to have you in our family, even if Mommy is a blog-slacker!