Wednesday, February 11, 2009


During a somewhat random phone call yesterday, D asked if I would be stopping at JCPenny. Puzzled, I asked why (thinking he wanted me to look at something in particular, maybe for the house.) He said that he thought I might want to check out their clearance sale, but if I didn't feel like it, no worries.

Now, The interesting thing is that, although D thinks I enjoy shopping, I HATE clothes shopping, especially for myself...probably because I have such a hard time finding clothes that are comfortable, easy to clean, and still look somewhat cute (although that last is really really low on the priority scale at times..comfort is the priority for me.)

Anyway, since I didn't have Ka'lel with me I felt pretty free (only lugging two kids around...HAH!) so I decided I'd drop by and give it a look, but knew I wouldn't find anything. Boy was I surprised! A few hours later, I walked out of JCPenny with the beginnings of a new wardrobe (11 or 12 items for me) and at least one item for each of the others in the family as well as a new baby gift for our friends who just had a baby boy on Monday, all for less than $100! Now I still had to gulp as I paid, because I went in thinking I wasn't going to buy anything (I guess I should have left the $$ at home then, huh!?)And I had to call D and "confess" how much I spent...but even he was impressed by how much I got for that amount

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sweetsa's Sailboats

Here is Sweetsa's first true food creation (that others would eat):

She calls them Cheesey Sailboats.


I have been trying to write down some of the things the kids say or do that make me laugh. So here are some from this week:

Sweetsa (handing me some large stacking/nesting cubes): Hold dese for me, Mom. Try not to pull the snakes out please. It's my tenneckshun (collection). Try not to break it.

(I didn't realize I was so prone to ruining things!)

Buddy (During FHE lesson tonight. We were talking about how we can work together/help out...this was after someone said we could listen to help out)
Buddy: I listen to Daddy!
D:And Mommy.
Buddy: uh...a little. But I listen to you more.
D:You should listen to Mom a lot.
Buddy: I just listen to you more now (meaning that now he's getting bigger, listening is a gender thing, I guess!)

As I was getting ready to do my shopping list this past week, I found this written on my note pad (by Mimi)

for Wallmart
We naed chiPs
we Naed sTapulrs to put in The stapulr
We naed taPe
We naed tomatos
We naed ptatos
We naed breed
We naed seeds
We naed beans

And while she's still a baby, I won't be calling her Baby B any more. Her new blog name is Peach, because she LOVES them and because she really is a little peach! She is a sweet heart, but she also has some sass in her. I have been trying to catch up on some reading, and thought that a good time to do this would be while nursing . Well, little Peach has some other ideas. She will wait until I open the book (whatever it is I'm reading) and start reading, then she watches my face as she stealthily moves her free arm/hand to cover where ever I'm reading. She keeps doing this until she gets a reaction from me (usually a look or sound of exasperation.) Then she will chortle. I used to wonder what that sound was until I heard little Peach. She has a true chortle of glee.

And here are some pics I took of the bigger girls soon after Mimi got her tonsils out. Sweetsa wanted to rest on the couch with Mimi and so got all her necessary items, including the headband...which she called "my beauty sleep".