Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thank You!

I finally took the opportunity this week to hug a lady in our neighborhood and say "Thank you!" Her husband is in the Army National Guard and has been serving in Afghanistan for 17 months (he finally gets to come home in September, I think.) As we hugged, we both teared up. Me, because I have really been thinking about the sacrifices families and individuals make for our country and freedom. I think she teared up because she doesn't hear "thanks" very much.

So here's a big fat THANK YOU to all the service men and women working and fighting for and serving our country and the freedoms we all cherish. And another big thank you to all you families of service men and women for letting them do their job, fighting for people and places we'll (most likely) never meet or see. Your time and sacrifices ARE noted and appreciated. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You make our country great!

Some days are good, other days just down-right stink! Today has been one of those latter days (no pun intended!) I have felt like an absolutely horrible Mom I don't even deserve to have kids. It started out ok...we all got to snug in bed til about 8 and then got up for breakfast. Except what did they want for breakfast? "Chips and Cheese!" Sorry how about our "yummy 2-1 mix of corn flakes and frosted flakes" instead? Which of course they never eat...another 3 bowls of milk and cereal down the drain. What a waste! then we go to Costco for more milk (since I've been dumping it down the drain so much!) and other things. And Sweetsa takes a dive from the cart. I didn't strap her in to avoid a major tantrum (she's getting really good at those now.) Of course in hindsight, the tantrum would have been better. I've been watching her closely...there have been no signs of concussion or loss of feeling/movement. Thankfully.

And as if that wasn't enough trauma for all of us today, Buddy started screaming about his eye this afternoon...when I finally got him to hold still I could see that it was bright red and tearing something fierce. But I couldn't actually see anything in it and he could move it around. After cold compresses and more screaming I asked him what happened to make it start hurting. "The pokey thing hurt it!" Huh? Then I noticed a bunch of toothpicks on the floor. "Did you stick a toothpick in your eye!?" "Yeah!" So we started the cold water wash. After about ten minutes, the redness began to fade and he seemed to be able to bear the discomfort.

So after that I begin to wonder, am I totally neglecting my kids? Am I imagining it, or are they especially good at finding dangerous/potentially fatal situations? I'm pretty sure we've child proofed and tried to teach our kids to avoid dangerous places/things. I do think Buddy has a talent for finding things that I just never even THINK of telling him not to do! I am seriously stumped as to what more I can do. The toothpicks were on the top shelf of our upper cupboards...the only higher place is in the attic.

And while everyone seems to be fine (Sweetsa does have a headache), I know that statistically at this rate that will not always be the case!