Sunday, August 31, 2008

Strep stinks!

I hate being sick!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Happy List

There are so many things that make me happy. Here are a few things I have been thinking about today. Feel free to add your happy thoughts too!

-Singing parts
-Sweetsa in a pretty white dress (that she kept clean!)
-8 wonderful years with D!
-weeded flower gardens.
-Tomato cheese sandwich (heaven!)
-The Ensign
-Jesus and the Atonement
-Rainbows...Buddy saw it first!
-Reverent children
-My laughing baby in RS
-Baby B's chunks and rolls
-Buddy in his own room!
-Catching up with friends
-D's cookies
-Extreme Makeover Home Edition (how can that show make me cry EVERY time!?)
-tiny baby with a budding double chin and a big fat hairbow/flower thingy
-Baby B in a crib in the girl's room!
-Ticket to Ride
-Fresh veggies from the garden
-the Olympics
- the Bible and the Book of Mormon
-Talking with sisters
-A helpful Mimi girl
-working with D
-happy lists
-not being RS Pres anymore
-When the nights start to get cooler
-Feeling the Spirit
-Family Reunions
-White curtains blowing in the breeze
-balloons of various colors
-blue skies with puffy white clouds
-cold water to drink
-watching my grandchildren play together
-family dinners.
-the sound of water rushing over rocks
-walking outside on a humid summer night (like around 10pm)
-seeing large quantities of colorful bolts of fabric
-Seeing the had of God working through me
-Enjoying my children
-One delicious dessert after a great meal
-Sleeping (especially when it's a nap!)

I will probably be adding to this as the days go by!

Thanks for your additions!