Saturday, January 22, 2011

Halloween 2010

As I was looking through our pictures from Halloween, I thought, hmm, isn't that funny, the computer recorded the wrong day for Halloween (they are listed as 10-30-10). LOL! Then I remebered, oh yeah, we did do Halloween on the 30th this year...we can't go trick-or-treating on a Sunday! Anyway here are the costumes...Yoda, Anakin, R2D2 and the Lion. The older kids really wanted Peaches to be an Ewok, but she refused too wear the hood that would have made her look more like an Ewok. Oh well. The theme was mostly there!

We visited the grandparents' houses first and then had to wait for the massive thunderstorm and downpour to pass before we could go out in the neighborhood. It was some of the heaviest rain we have had in ages. But it did pass, and the kids (mostly) had a great time trick-or-treating. We didn't hit all the places the kids wanted too (shh! don't tell), but Peaches was recovering from a sprained foot and became a beastly, angry lion after about an hour Good thing Daddy was there to carry her and help calm the beast!) And mommy made the R2D2 costume too long for Sweetsa to comfortably walk in, so we went home and got warm, dry and comfortable. Literally, Home Sweet home!

Flat Earth

I fell off the face of the Earth,

or maybe I was shoved off,

I don't know...

...I guess that means the Earth really is flat.

I'm trying to climb back on...still in process.

But to help me get back into blogging (Thanks Jam for the nudge!), here's a cute "Peaches-ism" which was related to me tonight.

A few weeks ago in Peaches' Nursery class, they asked a question about Heavenly Father. Peaches gave this answer:

"My dad is Bishop and Heavenly Father is God."