Friday, October 12, 2012


So after a year a half sabbatical, I have decided that I need to continue journaling on the blog.  Life has been an up and down roller coaster, wonderful, sad, scary, fun and hard at times. But after reading through all the posts from the past, and seeing how much I had forgotten about, I know that I need to do this for myself and for my kids.  So here goes.

Something I have been thinking a lot about recently is the saying, "Come what may and love it."  In the past I have taken that to mean an acceptance for whatever life throws at you.  But I have been realizing lately that it isn't come what may and accept it, or come what may and endure it, but LOVE it.  So, I am making a concerted effort to love the things that I do, love the stages the kids are in now, love the activities and busy-ness of our lives and make the most of where we are today.