Wednesday, February 11, 2009


During a somewhat random phone call yesterday, D asked if I would be stopping at JCPenny. Puzzled, I asked why (thinking he wanted me to look at something in particular, maybe for the house.) He said that he thought I might want to check out their clearance sale, but if I didn't feel like it, no worries.

Now, The interesting thing is that, although D thinks I enjoy shopping, I HATE clothes shopping, especially for myself...probably because I have such a hard time finding clothes that are comfortable, easy to clean, and still look somewhat cute (although that last is really really low on the priority scale at times..comfort is the priority for me.)

Anyway, since I didn't have Ka'lel with me I felt pretty free (only lugging two kids around...HAH!) so I decided I'd drop by and give it a look, but knew I wouldn't find anything. Boy was I surprised! A few hours later, I walked out of JCPenny with the beginnings of a new wardrobe (11 or 12 items for me) and at least one item for each of the others in the family as well as a new baby gift for our friends who just had a baby boy on Monday, all for less than $100! Now I still had to gulp as I paid, because I went in thinking I wasn't going to buy anything (I guess I should have left the $$ at home then, huh!?)And I had to call D and "confess" how much I spent...but even he was impressed by how much I got for that amount


Blogger Emmy said...

Good job! I don't like shopping either, but it is nice when I can find something that is actually a decent price.

9:56 AM  
Blogger CAROLIONESS said...

Wow is right! I wish I could have caught that sale too!

5:12 PM  
Blogger Boss said...

I hate shopping too. Unless it's bargain shopping, and then I tend to go overboard. (I went to a JoAnn fabric store that was closing last week. There was practically nothing left, but I still managed to spend almost $100 dollars. And I can't pretend it's going to clothe my family either, since it's mostly stickers and sewing notions.) So good job finding bargains that are useful!

5:39 AM  
Blogger Lady said...

I hate clothes shopping too, unless of course I can actually find things that fit well, quickly and on the cheap - Then I LOVE clothes shopping. But that is NOT how it usually works out. So I say BRAVO!! You might have spent a lot of money now but you won't need shop for quite some time. AND if you got such good deals you may have saved money that you would have spent on regular priced items over the next few months.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Princess Gerty said...

Way to go B! That is my kind of shopping!

11:57 PM  

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