Thursday, April 06, 2006

Late Bloomer

Our apricot trees finally decided to bloom! We have three late trees apparently. The other apricot trees in the area bloomed 7-10 days ago. Ours finally began popping on Monday...just before our spring storm hit on Tuesday! We've had wind, rain, hail sleet and snow since our trees bloomed. Ah well, such is spring in Utah! Mimi had to climb the fence in order for us to get her and the blossoms in the same frame (and still be able to recognize her, that is).
Can you make out the blossoms against the sky?

The flowers around our yard are beginning to look nice. Our crocus came and went, but haven't been as fantastic as they were the first two years we were here. Someone told me that bulb plants do really well the first 3-5 years after planting, and then don't do as well (meaning they don't look as nice). I wonder if that's because they need thinning or something. If you know, please share the reason and how I can revive them. I'm not up on my bulb plant care, I guess.

In other news, Sweetsa has gained weight in the past month...a whopping
15 oz! Grow, baby, grow! At her six month check up she had lost weight, so I was very happy to see the gain. I was told that her length percentile has dropped quite a bit, but that she is quite proportional...50th percentile for her height and's just her height and weight for her age that she's "lagging". I'm not so worried, since she's meeting all her developmental benchmarks: rolling over, manuevering around, reaching for things, using her pincer grasp, etc. She is a busy little one, getting into as much as Mom and Dad will let her. Here she has crashed at the end of a long day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love seeing all of these pictures of your kids. Our spring has kind of been yo-yoing as well, but I love our thunderstorms Thanks for blogging! -Emmy

7:37 PM  
Blogger Taffy said...

I love your dafffodils, your kids are cute too.

9:36 PM  
Blogger dani said...

Too cute!! :) Our tree bloomed about a week ago as well.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

The best blossom was in the foreground! In every shot!!

7:00 PM  

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