Monday, August 13, 2007

Winner part II!

So last time I wrote about how D has been winning things on the radio. Recently I have also started winning things! About a month ago, I took the kids and my niece Breezy to the County Fair. This year they had free admission to the venue, you just had to pay for rides, food, etc. (I guess in years past you've had to pay to get in? Don't know, I'd never been there before.) Anyway, as we walked among the booths and displays, I was asked, "Do you want a free massage?" I'm no fool (and anyone who answers yes to that question is a fool in my book!)so I stepped up to the booth, filled out a form and sat down for what turned out to be seven minutes of heaven! Thankfully, they had a game and lollipops to keep the kids entertained while Mommy zoned in the massage chair! And Breezy was a fantastic help keeping the kids close by, too. So after the massage they told me I was being entered in a drawing for a free chiropractic evaluation and adjustment. Cool, thanks for the massage, and off we go. A few booths down, "Do you want free Mary Kay products?" Well my answer to this was a bit more guarded, being the tom-boy that I am. I said, "What do you have? I'm not big on makeup, usually." She showed me a bunch of products on the table. Lucky for her (!) there was nail polish on the table, so I took that after filling out a form for a free "pampering session". And again off we went. The kids ride some rides, drank lots of water, and low and behold, there's a radio station with a spin the wheel game. They let all of us spin the wheel and everyone got something: stickers, little army men, discount tickets to the rodeo (it was a country station), etc.

But the real winning came just a few weeks ago...I got a free pampering session--we got to do Satin Hands (yes!). And then last week I got a call from the chiropractor saying I had won the free evaluation and two free adjustments. Cool. I'll take those too! LOL! I could get used to this!


Blogger Woodine said...

At the rate you and D are going, I would suggest entering some more contests soon! Your winnings sound very relaxing - enjoy!!

9:32 AM  
Blogger B said...

LOL! So I got a call Tuesday from a company saying that we won their secondary prize (not the brand new car)...a trip to Las Vagas, Reno or Anaheim (they provide airfare hotel and a food allowance). The catch is the D and I have to go and watch a schpiel together...and that's going to happen...maybe next month we'll have a better meeting schedule;)

8:35 PM  
Blogger Princess Gerty said...

That's great! I say go for it! that's how we got the trip to Hawaii last year. It was well worth the couple of hours to hear about their time share--oops I mean "vacation ownership". Have fun!

10:40 PM  

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