Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So there have been a few sayings recently that have absolutely tickled me.

"Shoot!" "Oh, Shoot!" This is what Peaches said when she ended up with cookies and milk on the floor. First she dropped the cookies which broke, then she dumped the cup of milk on the floor. It was so funny hearing her say it perfectly, placing her little hands on her hips. It also made me glad that I don't say anything worse than Shoot! Peaches has become a parrot...she "gave" a talk in home primary today (we didn't go to church today because she has been sick, so Mimi did Primary for all the kids in our basement!)

Sweetsa's speech was recently evaluated by a Speech Language Pathologist. We were told that while she does have some errors in her speech, mostly she's waiting for her nervous system to catch up to her vocabulary...she has a lot to say and is still developing the ability to say those things correctly. That should have been obvious to us when she started using "apparently" so much. "Apparently I need to go the potty!" "Apparently I am hungry." "He doesn't want to marry me anymore, apparently." (These are actual quotes by the way. I am laughing as I type!)

Buddy totally cracked me up the other day when he told me,"Mom, you should go to college!" All while shaking his head as if disappointed in me. Just for asking about his math homework!

This one is not out of a child's mouth, but almost funnier, from a closed caption. We were watching "My Turn on Earth" and during the song said "propositions...a necessary condition in this world of ours!"

And here's a bonus pic of Mimi.

She not only held Primary for the kids, she set up a Chapel for all the dolls and stuffed animals, complete with talks and the Bishopric sitting on the stand! What a girl!

I sure love these kids!


Blogger Boss said...

So why doesn't he want to marry Sweetsa anymore? What a fool!

Your kids are just too cute. Thanks for sharing the pics and the stories!

5:46 PM  
Blogger Lady said...

Totally enjoyed reading this and hearing these cute things. Glad we can keep up over the net.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Princess Gerty said...

Thank you so much for posting! I love the quotes! We laugh because Hammy says, "Actually" all the time the way Sweetsa says "apparently." By the way, did you get your kitchen cabinets redone or something? looks like you put the dishwasher underneath and a curtain in front of the sink. Share your crafty remodel!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! The kitchen "remodel" is actually just my MIL's kitchen...sorry, no nifty remodel here. I can't wait to here Hammy say "actually". It cracks me up every time I hear Sweetsa say"apparently" I'm sure Hammy is just as hilarious!


11:09 PM  

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