Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow and wild things

So we have had a snowstorm every week since before Christmas. Thankfully, they haven't all been huge (I do feel badly for the people around Denver!). Some have dropped 6-8 inches and others have only left 2-3 inches. But we haven't seen bare ground for over a month. And if this cold lasts, we won;t for a long time. It was warm yesterday...the high was 32. I'm just glad we don't live over in Roosevelt or near Reid Ranch. They have had daily highs in the single digits or below zero for the past two weeks! Brrr!
Here are the kids enjoying the snow, before the extreme cold and our recent bout with illness. Buddy's favorite thing is to "un-shovel" the walks and driveway. Sweetsa always ends up falling down, and of course she won't keep her mittens on so her stay outside is measured in seconds, usually. Meanwhile Mimi loves doing snow angels and snowmen, when the snow is right (ie wet enough). Unfortunately I can't find a picture of Mimi in the snow this year, so I guess last year's pic will have to do!

And I've been meaning to post this picture of the pig at the stable from our ward Christmas party. When asked what he wanted to be for the primary Nativity, Buddy emphatically stated he was going to be a pig. And he was going to be a pink pig, not a gray, black, brown or spotted pig. Well, I made the ears and nose pink, but he didn't want to wear Mimi's pink shirt (and that's ok!) Unfortunately he was the pink pig on speed...quite distracting when he's doing circles and running around behind Mary (I guess I should be grateful he was behind Mary and not in front of her!) When our home teachers asked if our kids had participated in the nativity, we answered yes, Buddy was the pig. "The pig? I don't remember the pig." You know, the one doing circles around and around by Mary? "Oh yeah! Now I remember the pig!" Ah well!

And speaking of wild things... I got a call from my neighbor this morning telling me to get my kids to a window. We had 7 deer in our back yard. Apparently they spent the night in our yard and had a breakfast of fallen apples and grapes. The kids loved seeing the wildlife in their domain! These are the last two after they jumped over our back fence...I'm not a very good tracker... I scared 'em off!


Blogger The Mathews Four said...

What happens in our lives when we go from loving to be out in the snow, cold, playing, with no mittens, to being a grown-up and avoiding leaving the house for 3 days to keep out of the snow and the cold? It's a mystery?! I'm glad you guys are all feeling better. It's never fun to have sick kids especially when you're sick yourself.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Taffy said...

My kids had so much fun in the snow While we were visiting! Thanks for sharing the snow! Also your pig was awesome! (do you think jews really had pigs in the stable?)
Keith would love to have dear in the backyard. he would probably have taken a zillion pictures and watched them durring every spare moment! You are so lucky!

10:26 PM  

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